Reasons of Life

Everyone has their reasons for living. When someone asks the question ‘What’s the point in life? You are born, you go to school, get a job, get married, have children and then die, is that all there is to life?’ it doesn’t mean they’re depressed, as everyone seems to think. (It’s sad how if you ask questions about life or conceptual ideas ‘depression’ is the go-to for most people.) ┬áIt means that the one who asked the question is searching for a goal, a reason to live.

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*Spoilers for the ending of Until Dawn*

I’ve recently re-joined the Danny Phantom fandom. If you hadn’t guessed already, one of my favorite pass times is reading fanfiction. I’m always discovering yet another plotline, Alternate Universe, alternate time line, storyline or even a whole other fandom. And just when I think I know everything about the fandom another part that I’d never even heard of before gets brought to my attention. It’s like a Goldmine of ideas.

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Why I blog: The Beginner’s Guide

I told myself I was going to post at least once a day, but then again that isn’t really me. I always forget things, I have a selective/bad memory. I get sidetracked a lot.

I’ve just finished watching a playthrough of The Beginner’s Guide, and I strongly recommend you do so too. Better yet, play the game yourself. It’s very meaningful and there’s a conclusion that not many people can come to by themselves. In the next paragraph I’ll talk about it, so if you’re planning to watch or play it, I would recommend you do so before reading further. Continue reading

Bucket list

Wow, it took me about two hours to finally publish my first post. Turns out I first had to verify my account, then create a category, then add my post to that category, then publish it. Well, the more you know!

I’ve recently started a bucket list. It’s an unrealistic bucket list, but fun anyway. It’s not done yet, as my goal is to add 101 goals, but I’ll share the part I have written down. Feel free to send suggestions! Continue reading

Why I blog

I started blogging because I wanted a way to express myself without comments from family and friends, without them reading my every thought and trying to understand how I think. I have a name, yes, but I won’t be connecting it to this blog. I want this to be the person I have become, that whoever reads this follows my life without judging me for my past.

This is also why, although I have a username that I usually use, I just typed the first thing that came to mind: darksouls. I have never played the game Dark Souls and probably never will, so if you came here because of that, sorry for the inconvenience.

Fair warning: I tend to ramble on about stuff and get sidetracked a lot. I usually don’t write down what I’m thinking, because I often write fiction and a blog’s completely different. However now I have a blog, I will try my hardest to actually share my thoughts instead of just my writing.