This is getting a bit weird. So over the last few months when I have nothing to do I’ve been drawing a few things, mostly just copying others, because it’s fun. Just a few drawings, nothing much, not that good either.

But then today I was about to continue writing a CaptainSparklez fanfiction, when a song came on the radio that just screamed CaptainSparklez/waglington to me, even though I don’t ship them… (Well, didn’t. Now I do.) And for some reason my go-to was to draw them. Not write, draw. And before I knew it I was an hour and a half later and halfway done. I’m now done, and it actually came out pretty good(not fantastic of course, but well enough for my low stsndard), and I didn’t even copy a drawing.

What? What came over me that I suddenly wasted three hours drawing something just because of a song? And why is my highest grade a 9 for Art? Drawing isn’t even a hobby of mine. I can’t even draw well. I’m so confused.


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