Despite the difficulties I’ve complained about, I think I’m the luckiest teenager alive.

I’ve got a loving mother and father, a pseudo-stepdad who takes me to the movies every once in a while, lots and lots of extended family, no one close to me has ever died, I have a loving boyfriend and friends.

I have a home. I have food on the table every day, clean water, electricity, my own room, a radio, a phone, clothes, education, entertainment, I can shower.

I have a high IQ. I can look at my body and say; “Not bad. Could be better, but not bad.” I’m not depressed. I have average grades. I have lots of hobbies, and can pay for them.

When I have difficulties, I get help. I’m confident in my sexualityWhen I want to get tested for ADD, I get tested for ADD. I don’t have a job, not because I can’t get a job, but because I’m focusing on middle school work.  I get middle school work. 

Yes, I have a mental disorder and possibly even two, but I get help. Yes, my father is halfway across the world, but he loves me and for the first ten years of my life he was only a city away, not a whole ocean. Yes, my boyfriend lives an hour away, but he’s a sweet gentleman who comes to visit me in the weekends. No, none of my siblings live my house, and no, they aren’t even close to my age, but they love me and come to visit every once in a while.

That’s so many things I take for granted, while others struggle through life without one, two or most of these things. Thinking about that has made me realize how lucky I am, and that I should treasure what I have. Now I’m telling you. Think about what you have, what you have taken for granted, and treasure it, because one day you might not have it.


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