How my family ruined Death Note

Some time ago, a few years or something, my mom, step-dad and one or two of my brothers and I watched the first Death Note movie. At the time I absolutely loved it and immediately asked that we watch the second movie, which my mother understandably denied because it was already waaay past my bedtime. A few days later mom told me to go wash my hair, so I did. When I was done and went back downstairs my family was watching Death Note 2,and already at the end of the movie so I saw a lot of spoilers. They hadn’t told me that they would watch it, hadn’t asked me to join or even waited until I was done showering. It felt like I wasn’t even there, like I wasn’t part of the family, and that hurt.

So the result was a screaming match(well on my end at least), tears and the most insincere apology I’ve ever heard. They didn’t even feel bad.

So the movie was ruined and I never watched Death Note again because I had already seen the ending. Thanks a lot.



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