Well, you know it’s bad when you turn to Omegle to relieve your boredom. But drastic measures must be taken if one has nothing else to do.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have plenty to do, I just don’t give a shit about that.

I like Omegle, because you can say whatever the hell you want and no one even knows or cares except for a random stranger that you will never ever meet again. Not that that is an excuse to insult them, but I can just say whatever crazy idea I have in my head at the moment and most people don’t even answer, probably with their head planted on their desk, fast asleep. And when you chat with someone who can actually hold a decent conversation, all the better. I’ve had some really good conversations, given some tips on how to shut up your arguing friends, shared interests and.. Well, not much other things aside from that.

And when you do get those incredibly annoying people who say their Kik then disconnect, or something similar, which you get about 50% of the time, well. I’ve gotten a lot of stress relief by yelling at those assholes through chat. It’s therapeutic.

There was this one dude who asked for a hug, so I send him a hug emoticon. He then asked if I could sit on his lap. I send:

I don’t have that Emoticon.

You know what I do have?

And I was going to say a boyfriend, but sadly he disconnected before I could. My favorite thing to do on Omegle is making sarcastic jokes/wise cracks. To bad nobody ever responds to my insightful comments.

Now that I think about it, I also could have said ‘an exit button’ or ‘your location’… No, that would sound like I was flirting, not threatening to find him and kick his balls.

Yet another night in my life. #NotSponsered.



I think I accidentally hurt someone.

I was rambling on, I didn’t realize that he, or she

He or she had asked me what I do, and I told him/her about this blog. I was amazed someone had actually asked.

I told him or her ¬†about it when he or she asked, answered his questions, just rambling on and feeling elated that someone was actually interested in this boring blog about some girl’s life. I didn’t even think about asking him questions. I’ve never hated the fact that I probably have ADHD more. Or I’m just blaming the rambling on my probable ADD while it’s actually just me. I don’t even know.

I’ve had this problem before. I’ve been warned that people think differently then I do. Not all people have Asperger’s syndrome, and not even all people with Asperger’s syndrome think the same way. Aspie brains work differently. I don’t think the same as you do.

I should have paid more attention or tried asking him something at least, but all I thought about was entertaining him/her with answers, and that I wouldn’t want to answer boring questions that I would no doubt come up with. I have to to remember not everyone thinks like me.

On the off chance you’re reading this, I’m sorry for not asking. I’m sorry I let you down, someone I don’t even know. And it hurts. I’m sorry.

Edit: I might have been overreacting a bit, but basically being told that I’m a self-centered jerk hurts.


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