Do you ever think about what the future will hold? What am I saying, of course you do. That’s all humanity seems to do nowadays. Although I can’t really complain, since I’m doing it right now.

But I’m not talking about college, or marriage, or any other milestone in your life. I’m talking about a hundred or so years later, 2117.

We’re in the scientific revolution right now, what will the world look like in one hundred years? Will all plant life be artificial, or will we have gone back to the Dark Ages, or will the Earth be destroyed?

And in case of a future with scientific advances like many people imagine, what are the details? Will a new language have taken over, or a whole new culture? Will our age be viewed as retro? Probably. I can already imagine teenagers in 2117. There would be new slang too, of course. “Yasser, a century ago all’thing were ‘normous violent and stuff, kin.” They would see us as barbaric, probably. What, with all the wars, crime, homeless people and endangered plant and animal species. Not to mention the racism, sexism, and countryism. Yes, countryism. That happens way too much nowadays, and nobody even notices. “Hey, a competition about drawings. Oh, and now that you’re interested, have I mentioned only Americans get to compete?”

OK, I might be a bit salty there. It’s probably because of the shipping problems and stuff. But still MATPAT DON’T BE SUCH A FREAKIN COUNTRYIST. And there are more examples of Countryism. Like countryist stereotypes. ‘All Americans are fat and stupid.’ ‘All British people are polite.’

Ok so that’s enough about Countryism. I should really go to sleep it’s past midnight. Anyway, future people would probably see us as savages, even though we call our time period the Scientific Revolution. What does that say about us?


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