Well this sucks

I just got my first period, and am crazy hungry. Seriously, it’s unreal. But I can’t eat any snacks because my teeth aren’t doing well, so I can only eat main meals and it’s Monday so I have to cook.

I saw an article on Internet that say that ‘Your first period is completely normal, however even if you know about it it will still be scary and exciting.’ Well guess what, there’s nothing I’m scared or excited about. It’s actually a bit anticlimactic.

Also, people apparently severely underestimate how awkward it can be to tell your mom about your first period. Seriously, how do you tell your mom your underwear is soaked with blood? I ended up playing it off with a ‘Guess what?’ But it was still horribly awkward. Thankfully it was over soon.

Maybe people exaggerate the cramps, or I’m just lucky, because the cramps I get is only one eight of the particularly bad stomach aches I sometimes get. Also a bit anticlimactic. Yes, I guess they could set a person off mood, but I’ve dealt with so much worse.

Anyways, I should go cook. I’m really hungry. Still. Wow this post is one of my shortest yet. Not that that’s hard, considering this is my 6th post. I’m rambling again.



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