*Spoilers for the ending of Until Dawn*

I’ve recently re-joined the Danny Phantom fandom. If you hadn’t guessed already, one of my favorite pass times is reading fanfiction. I’m always discovering yet another plotline, Alternate Universe, alternate time line, storyline or even a whole other fandom. And just when I think I know everything about the fandom another part that I’d never even heard of before gets brought to my attention. It’s like a Goldmine of ideas.

Anyway, I found another part of the Phantom fandom by accident and got dragged into it as if I was Josh Washington getting dragged to the Wendigo’s layer at the end of Until Dawn. Oops, spoilers.

I loaded four stories which’s descriptions appealed to me of various lengths to read and surprise surprise, three of them were by the same author. You should really check RedHeadsRock1010 out on Fanfiction dot net of you like reading and Danny Phantom. I laughed myself to death (well, half-death) reading her latest story. #NotSponsored.

I would put ‘shameless plug’, but I’m not sure if that refers to only self-advertising or just advertising. I should probably go to sleep cause it’s 2:35 AM here. Whatever I’m gonna read some more. Aww dangit my battery’s almost dead.



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