My favorite youtubers are SetoSorcerer, MatPat(from The Game Theorists, the Film Theorists and GTLive), CaptainSparklez, Vanossgaming, Markiplier, Ryan Higa and KUWA CHA.

I wanted to say something, but forgot what. Oh, right!

MatPat had set a stream on YouTube the other day, that was to begin in 24 hours because it was set back. I joined the streamchat when there was 17 hours left, but I was in school on lunch break so I couldn’t chat long.

When I came back five hours later a war broke out between Mr. Waffles, who represented the God/lord/Kingdom of Waffles, and ThePancakeMaster who represented the rival God/Lord/Kingdom of pancakes, and they were arguing which was better. The rest of the chat had all chosen a side, and I happily joined the Lord Waffles.

Over the next hours I came back to the stream every time and recognized my fellow soldiers of the Waffle-Pancake war, which was always fun. If you look in the comments of the stream you’ll find Mr. Waffles commenting ‘DISCIPLES JOIN ME’ which has 25 likes and a bunch of comments. The war was really nice, and hilarious to witness. I bet you don’t read that sentence every day 😛

Video of the stream


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