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Random rambling

Speaking is hard. Sometimes when I’m in a group conversation or just any conversation I want to say something, but can’t think of the right words to say it. By the time I do the other has already moved on. But when I call attention to me and then think of the right things to say, the other stares at me like ‘what?’ and that doesn’t help with concentrating. So after a few moments the other just goes on.
Recently I’ve just said what I wanted to say without trying to find the right words for the other to understand, because then they stop and think about what the hell I meant and I find the right words and say it again. The problem with that is that the other looks at me with a ‘well why didn’t you say that immediately?’ look. There’s just no figuring this out.

School, yay. Today my art teacher got really mad at someone who said ‘the f word’ and send them out. Which is crazy really because even some teachers use ‘fuck’, ‘hell’, ect. and we’re thirteen and fourteen year olds. You can’t expect us not to curse. And she was yelling at someone who said ‘well Miss everyone uses it’ that you can’t use it in her classroom- which is perfectly reasonable- and then she pointed at people who were normally well-behaved and said ‘Do you see her using the f- word? Or her?’ and coincidentally I was one of those people. It was a bit awkward because while I was pretty calm and quiet in her lessons, I’m also the type of person who curses under hr breath a lot if something goes wrong. In my mind I was just thinking ‘Oh hell no, please don’t drag me into this’. In the end it wasn’t anything big.

Ok I’m disturbed. I’m playing Cookie Clicker, it’s Valentine’s Day season, and instead of golden cookies there are hearts with sweet valentine messages on them. Just now I got one that just said ‘help’. O.O


Do you ever think about what the future will hold? What am I saying, of course you do. That’s all humanity seems to do nowadays. Although I can’t really complain, since I’m doing it right now.

But I’m not talking about college, or marriage, or any other milestone in your life. I’m talking about a hundred or so years later, 2117.

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Reasons of Life

Everyone has their reasons for living. When someone asks the question ‘What’s the point in life? You are born, you go to school, get a job, get married, have children and then die, is that all there is to life?’ it doesn’t mean they’re depressed, as everyone seems to think. (It’s sad how if you ask questions about life or conceptual ideas ‘depression’ is the go-to for most people.) ┬áIt means that the one who asked the question is searching for a goal, a reason to live.

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*Spoilers for the ending of Until Dawn*

I’ve recently re-joined the Danny Phantom fandom. If you hadn’t guessed already, one of my favorite pass times is reading fanfiction. I’m always discovering yet another plotline, Alternate Universe, alternate time line, storyline or even a whole other fandom. And just when I think I know everything about the fandom another part that I’d never even heard of before gets brought to my attention. It’s like a Goldmine of ideas.

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