Bucket list

Wow, it took me about two hours to finally publish my first post. Turns out I first had to verify my account, then create a category, then add my post to that category, then publish it. Well, the more you know!

I’ve recently started a bucket list. It’s an unrealistic bucket list, but fun anyway. It’s not done yet, as my goal is to add 101 goals, but I’ll share the part I have written down. Feel free to send suggestions!

  • Be a shapeshifter
  • Finish a multichaptered story
  • Throw a typical teenage party
  • Design a house
  • Go skydiving
  • Take a snowboarding lesson
  • Learn Latin(in progress)
  • Star in a movie (as extra or otherwise)
  • Babysit
  • Go build a snowman at 1-5 AM
  • Visit my uncle in Australia
  • Have a wolf walk next to me
  • Own an unusual pet
  • Plan a surprise for someone
  • Help out the homeless
  • Go on a road trip
  • Take a trip with no destination
  • Learn Morse(in progress)
  • Properly plant the young birch tree I got when leaving my elementary school
  • Organize a BBQ
  • Experience karaoke night
  • Organize a horror event that scares people
  • Put sticky notes in library books addressed to future readers
  • Wear a shirt that says ‘life’ and hand out lemons
  • Paint my room a lot of different colors
  • Recreate Narnia (but smaller)
  • Spend an entire thing doing only one thing besides attending to my basic human needs
  • Go waaaaaay overboard on a small school project
  • Make at least ten public YouTube videos (in progress)
  • Do all homework assigned immediately for one week
  • Get a nice tan
  • Adopt
  • Go to college in America
  • Visit Victoria Falls
  • Build a treehouse
  • See a badger, an eagle, a lion and a snake IRL, representing Hogwarts (in progress, only badger left)
  • Visit Stone Henge
  • Edit every single story I wrote when I was 8-11 years old and laugh at them(in progress)
  • Write a Paranormal Action Squad fanfiction (In progress)
  • Read Watership Down (in progress)
  • Fully fill a drawing pad with drawings
  • Donate hair
  • Participate in TV program ‘The Mole’ (‘Wie is de Mol’ in Dutch)
  • Keep a molebook (in progress)
  • SVK begeleider worden (Untranslatable)

That’s 45, still 56 to go! Again, feel free to leave recommendations.


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