Why I blog: The Beginner’s Guide

I told myself I was going to post at least once a day, but then again that isn’t really me. I always forget things, I have a selective/bad memory. I get sidetracked a lot.

I’ve just finished watching a playthrough of The Beginner’s Guide, and I strongly recommend you do so too. Better yet, play the game yourself. It’s very meaningful and there’s a conclusion that not many people can come to by themselves. In the next paragraph I’ll talk about it, so if you’re planning to watch or play it, I would recommend you do so before reading further. Continue reading


Bucket list

Wow, it took me about two hours to finally publish my first post. Turns out I first had to verify my account, then create a category, then add my post to that category, then publish it. Well, the more you know!

I’ve recently started a bucket list. It’s an unrealistic bucket list, but fun anyway. It’s not done yet, as my goal is to add 101 goals, but I’ll share the part I have written down. Feel free to send suggestions! Continue reading

Why I blog

I started blogging because I wanted a way to express myself without comments from family and friends, without them reading my every thought and trying to understand how I think. I have a name, yes, but I won’t be connecting it to this blog. I want this to be the person I have become, that whoever reads this follows my life without judging me for my past.

This is also why, although I have a username that I usually use, I just typed the first thing that came to mind: darksouls. I have never played the game Dark Souls and probably never will, so if you came here because of that, sorry for the inconvenience.

Fair warning: I tend to ramble on about stuff and get sidetracked a lot. I usually don’t write down what I’m thinking, because I often write fiction and a blog’s completely different. However now I have a blog, I will try my hardest to actually share my thoughts instead of just my writing.